5 Easy Ways To Ground Yourself

Have you ever felt light-headed or dizzy? Feel anxious or tired? Not sure why it is happening?

What I believe it is (my opinion only), is because the planet is vibrating at a higher frequency. Now I'm not saying that this is the only reason that you could be having headaches, ringing in the ears, etc. However, I do believe it is one of the possible reasons.

So what is grounding?

Grounding is a way of connecting with Mother Earth, Gaia. It brings us, as spiritual beings, back 'down-to-earth'. Everything is energy... even us.... (whole other post in that one, lol)

If everything is energy, including us, and the planet is vibrating at a higher frequency, this will have affects on our human body. Until we acclimate ourselves with the higher frequency, we will sometimes have these experiences. If you have been feeling out of sorts, unsure of why you are feeling this way, this could be the reason.

So I want to share these 5 easy ways to ground yourself that you can do daily, to help bring us to a vibration that we are comfortable with. Enjoy the video.....

I want to also share what I personally do daily as soon as I wake up (a little bonus for you).

When you wake up you are feeling relaxed so here is what I do as soon as my feet hit the floor.

I imagine roots, like a tree, shooting out from my feet, breaking through the floors, rooms, concrete, and soil. Shooting right down into the center of the earth and then spreading out as far as they will go until they have a really strong hold of Mother Earth. It literally takes about 10 seconds... I also protect myself during my morning routine which I will cover in another post.

Please feel free to share this with someone you know who could also benefit from it.

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